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Sunday, May 01, 2005

Amazon Is At It Again. Not in a Good Way...

I swear the Amazon and the Harvard Business School Press Online people are in cahoots.  If I don’t get a highly targeted mailing from one of them, I get one from the other…

The mailing tonight was from Amazon, and its an e-book, which surprised me ‘cause I didn’t know they did that.  The trouble is, I bought the “book” for six bucks, and when I downloaded it I found the title of the solicitation was totally misleading, and rather than content on the topic advertised, I essentially had paid for a press release (albeit reprinted in some Photo Marketing magazine).

Homey don’t play that.

So, I tried to return the item.  The return process seemed to work fine – indicate the order I’m returning from, indicate the item and quantity, indicate the reason.  No worries.  Until I get to the physical address I have to return the item to, so that Amazon can then credit me the six bucks.

There’s a lesson here.  First, Amazon, if you’re going to get into the e-book business, do it with, say, e-books rather than crappy magazine articles.  Or maybe the citation was supposed to lead to the book – either way, the system sucks.  Then, if the user doesn’t want the content, let them return it.  You know, electronically.



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