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Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Internationally Renowned...

I looked at the blahgKarma stats tonight and found that in the past month or so many more of my visitors are from “away”, as in out of the US. In fact today is a great example of the reach of blogging – international visitors exceeded US visitors, with folks checking in from far-flung places like Rotterdam, a couple of places (I’ve never heard of) in the UK, Bombay (capital of Bollywood), Toronto (hi Sandy!), Tokyo and New Zealand. The last month includes Estonia, Pakistan, South Africa, Turkey, Italy, Brazil and a bunch of others. Pretty cool!

The “viral” aspect of Blogging is certainly amazing. I don’t promote the blog, don’t really tell anyone about it, and don’t do anything of note to attract traffic to it… and yet the topics I write on are discovered and read by folks literally around the world. I do comment on other interesting blogs, though, which gets me a few ocassional readers, but which also validates the “extended conversation” theory of blogging.



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