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Monday, April 11, 2005

Connecting the Dots...

Its funny how blogs sometimes help the reader connect the dots on this or that topic – you know, an idea pops into one’s head, you’re reading BlogX and catch a little glimpse of what you’re interested in, then the topic or something related pops up on BlogY and…. well, you get the drift.

An interesting twist is when blogging itself helps the blogger connect the dots… consider my previous post on doing the right thing.  Little did I know when I posted it this morning how pertinent it would be to one of my business conversations today. 

It turns out in one of the organizations I do some work with, a person recently did right thing when it certainly would have been easier for them to have done something more popular, or easier, or just ignore an issue altogether and hope someone else might deal with it.  I was really proud of this person’s decision and actions, and not only applauded them, but held them and their situation up as an example of individuals making a difference in a large organization – one decision and one issue at a time.  After recognizing them, I also took the time to help reward them – something they certainly didn’t anticipate or expect when they made the decision – because that was the right thing to do, to.

The pursuit of excellence is just that – a pursuit; a never-ending journey, however often confused with a destination.  Making good choices (even when they’re tough) is at the heart of excellence, so I’ll offer a word of encouragement for those of you faced with such a situation today; do the right thing, feel good about it however unpopular it might be, and know it will work out.  Doing the right thing really does pay off – not just for you, but for others too; I’d even say it can be contagious in an organization.  And sometimes in the most amusing or amazing way…


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