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Friday, January 07, 2005

A Worthwhile Endeavour...

Thats me on the cover...

Just subscribed to the hardcopy version of Worthwhile magazine. You should too if you're interested in some insightful stuff that might get you thinking about work and work/life balance (if anyone has this, please e-mail me a some) . Here's the blurb:

The editorial mission of WORTHWHILE is to put purpose
and passion on the same plane as profit. WORTHWHILE
offers a roadmap for business success that is more personally
fulfilling and socially responsible. We live by the motto that it
is impossible to have a meaningful life without meaningful work.

Authors include Anita Sharpe, Curt Rosengren, David Batstone, David Weinberger, Eric McNulty, Halley Suitt, Kate Yandoh, Kevin Salwen, Rebecca Ryan, Tom Peters. How can they go wrong with that cast of characters?

The description seems a little stiff to me, given all the hip and talented contibutors... they need a better elevator pitch, I think. Doesn't at all detract from the excellent content of the mag, clean website or insightful blog, though.

The sub was 11 bucks for six issues. Should be well worth it.

btw - I was bullshitting you - that's NOT me on the cover (but you already knew that!)


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