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Friday, November 11, 2005

Speaking Softly...

HeadSeth Godin writes a couple of interesting blogs (here and here for example).  Used to read him all the time – even wrote about him a time or two like here, here, here, over here (that was a great one – lots of resultant link love).  And then for whatever reason he fell out of my NewsGator settings and out of view.  (Seth, in case you’re reading, sorry I misplaced you.  I added you to the blahgRoll as penance).

Anyway… caught a quick note on Seth’s blog about his friend Ira Williams who wrote a new ChangeThis Manifesto “on Anonymous Generosity”.  I read it – its great (if you’re not familiar with ChangeThis concept or what a Manifesto is, check out the website).  Funny thing is, Seth missed the mark – the piece isn’t about anonymous generosity at all, but Humility.  Anonymous generosity gets a brief mention but its not the focus.  The piece is still very much worth the read, though… interesting ideas, and whether you agree with them or not, something to think about given America’s position in the world right now.  (Don’t get your hopes up, Harry – I’m not softening up on my positions on the President or the war – grin).

Even though Williams isn’t big on “random acts of kindness”, I have to say I do this and really enjoy it.  Its not particularly humble to say so, I suppose (I’m toying with you, Mr. Williams), but especially when I’m having a crappy day, and often when I’m having a good one, I’ll do some anonymous kindness, however small, and that makes me feel a bit better.  Favorites include buying the person ahead of you’s coffee at Starbucks or wherever (and BTW – if you’ve heard something about them dissing our troops, its all urban myth), giving up a place in line for someone who looks like they really need to go ahead of you, offering to carry a package for someone else who’s struggling with it – you know, simple and very inexpensive or free things.

Try doing something nice for someone else, anonymously.  You’ll like it, and I personally guarantee that giving a little good karma will get you some or your money back.


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