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Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Captain's Blog...

Added “The Captain’s Blog” to the blahgRoll this morning. I’ll blog more of why later, but for now, if you’re interested in independent film and/or emerging media and TV, you have to read it. Written by Evan Shapiro, EVP and GM of Independent Film Channel, this blog is one part what the hell’s going on in independent film, one part IFC directly connecting with the community (their readers, film makers, etc.) one part viewers offering feedback and suggestions and some days a couple of parts Evan being roasted for (fill topic here).

To get the skinny on why Evan’s blogging, and what IFC hopes to accomplish doing so, read his initial post from May 2005. Interesting stuff.

I’m often skeptical how about how blogs are making connections for companies, and then I trip over a blog like this, or get a personal e-mail from someone like Dave Sifry after having posted a comment on his blog. When the Captains of Industry are blogging, like these two are, I think we know that business blogging is here to stay!

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