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Thursday, November 10, 2005

How Does He Do That?

Scoble has a very cool feature active on Scobelizer… every comment string for a post has an RSS feed.  That is, a feed specific to the comments on one particular post.  Maybe this is commonplace, but I’ve never seen it.  Very slick – it means its way easy to follow a thread you’ve commented in without having to remember where the heck you commented, etc.

As an example, the post I commented on in “Robert Scoble – Devil’s Henchman or Devil’s Advocate” has 40 comments including mine at this writing.  I know this because after I posted I subscribed to the post’s RSS feed, and the additional comments have magically shown up in NewsGator.  Obviously, forming the feeds is automated… I’d love to know how he’s doing that.  Guess maybe its just a WordPress feature.  Blogger is starting to feel both dated and limiting…


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